Hard to grow species? No problem.

Cultivated in a controlled environment, our tree bands are grown to give you a longer planting window of 9 to 12 months versus the 4 to 6 months of a bare root product. The controlled environment also allows for production of "hard to find" species, along with "custom grows" that require specific species and seed provenance. Tree bands also offer reduced transplant stress compared to a bare root plant.

What is a Tree Band?

Our tree bands are equivalent in size and growth to our Premium Bare Root Seedlings. The primary difference is that tree bands are grown in small plastic pots that are 3" x 3" wide and 5" or 9" deep depending on the product.

How do Tree Bands Help?

We provide care to our nursery plants to protect them from diseases and pests. For many tree species, nursery raising is essential due to their slow growth and severe competition. Our tree bands, and all other products, are protected from diseases, pests and competition.

Why Tree Bands?

There are a number of reasons why a tree band may be the best choice for your project.

  • A planting window of 9 to 12 months versus 4 to 6 months for a bare root product
  • Controlled propagation environment allows for production of those "hard to find" species
  • Controlled growth environment creates ideal conditions for extremely vigorous plants
  • Reduced transplant stress compared to bare root
  • Allows for easier "custom grows" that require specific species and seed provenance