Native Forest Nursery

Rooted in Our Customer’s Success.

The Idea Behind Our Success

Every project involving plant material has it's unique set of challenges which is why we do everything we can to stack the deck in our customer’s favor. At our wholesale nursery, our trees and shrubs are of the highest quality with the best possible root systems so our customers experience a history of high survival rates and strong first year growth.

Our vigorous plant material is ideal for nursery stock, horticulture, restoration, conservation, mitigation, & remediation.

Our roots are in reforestation, from there we have branched out to mitigation, reclamation, and conservation. Due to the demand for trees and shrubs with high success rates Native Forest has developed a specialized approach to root development and planting techniques that have proven successful across a wide variety of projects.


Learn About Native Forest Nursery

Native Forest Nursery has been producing trees since 2008, focusing on root development and growing methods that support the success of our customers.
Our moderate climate and the unique micro climate of our nursery give us the ability to successfully grow seed and liner material from nearly every region of eastern United States.

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