Have you experienced the RediRooted difference?

For our tree containers we use #1, #2, #3,#5 & #7 RediRoot Plastic Aeration Containers. The trees within the containers are air pruned through development, making them ready to root wherever they are transplanted. At Native Forest Nursery we grow more than 150,000 container trees annually through this process.

Container Trees.

Are you looking for a “native plant nursery near me” to partner with? At Native Forest Nursery our work is all about root production. Root health, volume, and architecture dictate the degree of success in every project we are involved with. With so many factors beyond our control such as weather, site conditions and planting quality, we want to do everything we can to stack the deck in our customer’s favor. We know that when we finish our plants in RediRoot that we are sending our customers the best root systems money can buy.

Why Redirooted?

Native Forest produces more than 150,000 container trees annually using #1, #2, #3,#5 & #7 RediRoot Plastic Aeration Containers. Our RediRooted trees are naturally air pruned as the tree grows, which stimulates the growth of new lateral roots and prepares trees for rapid growth upon transplant. Our Redirooted trees are used for a variety of applications, including, nursery liner stock, conservation and mitigation where root health is extremely important to the success of any given project.