Our Tree Wholesaler Team


Max Casselman, Bareroot Production Manager

As the Bareroot Production Manager here at Native Forest Nursery, I am responsible for managing the staff and resources that it takes to ensure a strong and healthy crop. I oversee the production of our undercutting, fertilization, pest management, seed collecting and planting, making sure that we stay on schedule to ensure our crop is getting what it needs to thrive.


Greg Brumlow, Inventory & Shipping Manager

I am the Inventory and Shipping Manager at Native Forest Nursery. My goals are to provide our customers with the latest inventory information and to have our goods delivered on time.


Chad Casselman, Operations Manager

I am the Operations Manager at Native Forest Nursery. My role includes responsibility for all aspects of the nursery’s operations, such as managing the company’s finances and overseeing the work of each hard-working team member here at the nursery. I also have a very active role in the sales and marketing of the plants we grow. I began my career with NFN in June of 2016. My entrepreneurial spirit brought me here, as well as a sincere desire to work with companies and organizations that are in the business of improving our natural environment.


Alba Williams, Senior Inventory & Shipping Technician

I am the Senior Inventory & Shipping Technician. I’m responsible for making sure all trees are correctly identified and inventoried, and orders are correctly prepared for shipping to the customer. I really enjoy making trees look good for our customers and love the family atmosphere here.


Susann Stone, Office Manager

I am the Office Manager at Native Forest Nursery. My role often changes from managing the office duties while ensuring that our customers receive the best customer service. My goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers. My favorite part about working here is the breathtaking views and the team I get to work with every day while also being in a work environment that keeps me busy and entertained.


Richard Hulsey, Maintenance Manager

I am the maintenance manager and am responsible for the grounds infrastructure and all equipment used here at the nursery. I have almost 30 year's experience managing and operating industrial plants in the state of Georgia.