Our Services

  • Species Diversity
  • Product Selection
  • Scale
  • Logistics
  • Service
  • Authenticity

Species Diversity.

Our wholesale plant nursery offers more than 100 species of native trees and shrubs. Whether you need Bottomland Oak trees for a project in east Texas or an Arrowwood Viburnum to plant along a stream in upstate NY we can provide species that are grown from seed sourced from a suitable geographic region. We work hard to ensure we have the diversity of species, seed provenance, scale and supplier network to be a one stop shop for our customers.

Product Selection.

From seedlings to live stakes to container plants, we offer 5 major product lines with multiple material sizes in each line. We do this because your project needs vary greatly in material specifications, planting deadlines and other factors. It's important to us to be able to meet our customers diverse needs with a broad variety of products within our scope.


Whether you need several individual plants or several truck loads of plants for your project, we can accomodate your needs. Having economies of scale allows us to source seed, liner stock and other materials at better prices and to pass those savings along to our customers. Our scale also allows us to draw on our network of suppliers, vendors and peers to provide customized solutions to unique requests from our customers.


Weather. Project Delays. Tree Planting Labor. Equipment Breakdowns. Communication Chains.... Whatever variable involved in the logistics of making the right plant material show up at the right place at the right time - we understand them. In fact, we specialize in pulling rabbits out of our hats to make sure that when you order from Native Forest Nursery, you're ordering from someone ON YOUR TEAM that has the same sense of urgency to meet your deadlines as you do. You'll find that as long we're provided with communication from you, we'll be second to none in working to ensure your plants arrive when and where you need them.


Plants are not widgets. Plants are living things that, despite our most valiant efforts, will grow too much, grow too little, succumb to natural causes, etc. At our wholesale plant nursery, we want our customers to know that we understand this and that our goal is to be a trusted partner when issues arise that will work in good faith with you to resolve any differences. Additionally, we work hard to give our customers a personal touch by keeping our customers familiar with the people involved in the production, shipping and ordering processes. Our customers questions are one phone call away from any manager on our staff.


When you're passionate about what you do and your motivation is to help your customers succeed, it's easy to be authentic with your customers. We strive to be straightforward with our customers with our yes being our yes and our no being our no. A simple motto we live by is "no surprises" - in our organization and with our customers. Our aim to be honest with our customers and to communicate frequently and fully on variations in order quantities, quality, specifications and other variables.