A History of Dedicated Nursery Growers

Native Forest Nursery Timeline


Bowater Paper Company is informed that their nursery along the Tennessee River will have to be relocated due to a new dam installation downstream. The company relocates it's operation to our location on the banks of the Coosawattee River in Chatsworth, GA. After several years of construction, the nursery begins producing loblolly pine seedlings at the Chatworth location in 1974 and continues to produce approximately 17 million pine seedlings per year until the nursery is sold by the company in 2008.


Williams Forestry and Associates purchases the nursery from Bowater with the goal of producing hardwood seedlings for their own reforestation efforts in the eastern United States along with several million loblolly pine seedlings for reforestation customers. The first hardwood seedling crop was planted in the fall of 2008. Our expert nursery growers name the business Native Forest Nursery.


Native Forest Nursery expands into 3 gallon RediRooted container production to provide liner material to a robust nursery and landscape industry and provide container plant material for conservation projects. The first crop of 3 gallon plants was potted in the spring of 2015 and consisted of around 15,000 containers. It is decided that all container production will be in RediRoot Air-Pruning containers to ensure the nursery is on the leading edge of quality.


Native Forest Nursery, LLC is formed and becomes its own company. Along with this change comes an increase in the number of products offered and in the quantity of material being produced. In addition to the pine and hardwood conservation grade seedlings and the 3 gallon plant material, the company began production of 1 gallon and 7 gallon containers, field grown liners and graded premium bare root seedlings to meet the increasing demands of our growing customer base.


Native Forest Nursery, LLC has doubled in size from 2015. Currently producing 6 million hardwood seedlings, 2 million native pine seedlings, over 200,000 RediRooted container plants in #1, #2, #3, #5 and #7 containers, 30,000 field grown liners, 50,000 tree bands and 100,000 live stakes annually.