Fresh & Vigorous Live stakes.

Our available live stakes are produced in a diligently managed environment free of diseases and insects. We also keep them fertilized so they grow strong and their health is kept vigorous. These resources we invest into our available live stakes are brought with them to wherever you transplant them after your purchase.


We carefully manage our live stake harvest and procurement to ensure we are supplying the freshest live stakes possible. Fresh stakes survive and grow off significantly better than stakes that are stored for long periods of time and have begun to dry out. We ship our live stakes as close to harvest as possible, and if a brief storage period is necessary, we utilize our walk in coolers and wet the stakes down as needed to keep them moist, cool and fresh.


Live stakes are planted in areas where vigorous growth is need to control erosion and create shade. Our live stakes are produced in a managed environment where they are kept free of insects and diseases and where they are fertilized to maintain plant vigor. Live stakes that are well fed, healthy and vigorous will bring all of those resources with them to the job site which will result in optimum survival and growth performance.