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RediRooted Containers

For our tree containers we use #1, #2, #3,#5 & #7 RediRoot Plastic Aeration Containers. The trees within the containers are air pruned through development, making them ready to root wherever they are transplanted. At Native Forest Nursery we grow more than 150,000 container trees annually through this process.

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Field Grown Liners

Native Forest Nursery produces over 30,000 field-grown liners annually so you can buy trees in bulk that are quality. We offer a diverse selection of high-quality field-grown liners that range in variety from native oaks, maples, and dogwoods to ornamental varieties of elms and sycamores. Our field-grown liners can be used for a variety of applications, but typically serve as liner stock for B&B growers or larger container growers from #7 to #65 size containers.

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Wholesale bare-root seedlings are graded to the appropriate height for your needs and are widely available at Native Forest Nursery. The height grades we have available are 18-24", 2-3', and 3-4'. We also can grade 6-12" and 12-18" for hickories’ seedlings and special orders outside of our standard grades.

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Tree Bands

Cultivated in a controlled environment, our tree bands are grown to give you a longer planting window of 9 to 12 months versus the 4 to 6 months of a bare root product. The controlled environment also allows for production of "hard to find" species, along with "custom grows" that require specific species and seed provenance. Tree bands also offer reduced transplant stress compared to a bare root plant.

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Live Stakes

Our available live stakes are produced in a diligently managed environment free of diseases and insects. We also keep them fertilized so they grow strong and their health is kept vigorous. These resources we invest into our available live stakes are brought with them to wherever you transplant them after your purchase.

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