At Native Forest Nursery we grow bare root seedlings and #3 container trees. Our container trees are grown in a #3 air pruned pot. This root making container eliminates nearly all potential for root wrapping. This allows for an excellent root structure and delivers an extremely healthy tree. The bare root seedlings at our nursery are grown in a sandy loam soil with high organic matter content, which provides an extremely healthy environment for our seedlings. Our bare root liners and seedlings are hand lifted, packaged, and kept in cold storage until you are ready to plant. Conservation uses for our products include reclamation, mitigation, reforestation, restoration, wildlife habitat improvement and wetland uses. Horticultural uses for our products include field liners, container liners, landscape plantings, budding stock, grafting stock and ornamental uses.

Family: Pinaceae
Latin Name: Pinus rigida 'Taeda'
Foliage: Dark green
Fall Foliage: Evergreen
Bloom: Non-flowering
Shape: Oval-rounded crown
Bark: Gray and scaly
Sun: Full sun
Zone: Zone 4 to Zone 7
Size: 40 to 90 feet
Spread: 20 to 40 feet
Care: Medium, well drained soil

Bred as a hybrid of the Pitch Pine and the Loblolly Pine, the pertinently named Pitch Loblolly Pine—or Pinus Rigida x Taeda, as it is classified by botanists—fuses together the Pitch Pine’s extreme temperature resistance and the Loblolly Pine’s advanced growth rate, resulting in an outstanding hybrid evergreen that boasts the fastest growth spurt of all the pine varieties.

The Pitch Loblolly Pine is acclaimed for its hardiness in the face of various soil conditions, characterized by an extensive root system that marks this species as a very adaptable tree. Transplanting it is also relatively easy, despite its fibrous roots. In optimal conditions, a mature Pitch Loblolly Pine’s oval-rounded crown can extend up to heights of 40-90 ft., spreading its dark-green needle-leafed branches to comprise an extent of 20-40 ft. This species thrives best beneath full sun and in medium, well-drained soils in upland regions. It has a 4-7 hardiness zone rating.

Like the rest of its Pinaceae family members, the Pitch Loblolly Pine is nonflowering, noted instead for its needle-like foliage and its scaly gray bark. It attracts a wide variety of songbirds, upland birds, and other wildlife. Prized for its hardiness, evergreen foliage, easy maintenance, rapid growth, and proud upright structure, the Pitch Loblolly Pine is positioned as a lone specimen, can be chosen for conservation planting, or is mass planted to create hedges or screens.