At Native Forest Nursery we grow bare root seedlings and #3 container trees. Our container trees are grown in a #3 air pruned pot. This root making container eliminates nearly all potential for root wrapping. This allows for an excellent root structure and delivers an extremely healthy tree. The bare root seedlings at our nursery are grown in a sandy loam soil with high organic matter content, which provides an extremely healthy environment for our seedlings. Our bare root liners and seedlings are hand lifted, packaged, and kept in cold storage until you are ready to plant. Conservation uses for our products include reclamation, mitigation, reforestation, restoration, wildlife habitat improvement and wetland uses. Horticultural uses for our products include field liners, container liners, landscape plantings, budding stock, grafting stock and ornamental uses.

Family: Rosaceae
Latin Name: Amelanchier arborea
Foliage: Medium Green
Fall Foliage: Vivid red and gold hued
Bloom: Slightly fragrant white flowers in drooping clusters
Bloom Time: March to April
Shape: Large shrub or small tree
Bark: Grayish, vertical fissures
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Zone: Zone 4 to Zone 9
Size: 15 to 25 feet
Spread: 15 to 25 feet
Care: Average to medium well drained soil