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Native Forest Nursery offers several species of native Pine Seedlings. Pine seedlings from our nursery are commonly used for conservation, reclamation, mitigation, reforestation, restoration, and horticulture plantings. Our loblolly pine seedlings are grown from genetically superior seed which provides many benefits to landowners such as increased growth and yield, superior tree form and increased disease resistance. Thanks to the cooler climate of our nursery we are able to harden off our seedlings earlier than many other nurseries which allows us to lift earlier and provides an early option for landowners looking to plant their seedlings as early as possible. We are growing over 5,000,000 improved loblolly pine seedlings and over 1,000,000 seedlings of other native pine species such as shortleaf pine, eastern white pine and others.

‚ÄčOur Pine Seedlings are hand lifted and hand packaged to ensure the highest quality seedlings are delivered to our customers. Seedlings are kept in refrigerated storage from the day of lifting until the day your order is shipped and we have the ability to arrange refrigerated delivery and drop services.

Available Bare Root Pine Species

Name Family Latin
Pine, Virginia Pinaceae Pinus virginiana
Pine, White Pinaceae Pinus strobus
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