In 1974 The Bowater Paper Company founded our nursery in a unique area of sandy loam soil along the Coosawattee River bottom near Chatsworth, GA. The property occupies approximately 275 acres at the base of the Appalachian Mountains in northwest Georgia. The nursery was established primarily to supply loblolly pine tree seedlings to Bowater Paper Company for reforesting the company’s lands following timber harvesting.

In 2008, the property and facilities were purchased by Native Forest Nursery. At this time the focus shifted from growing primarily loblolly pine seedlings to a mix of Hardwood Seedlings and Pine Seedlings with an emphasis on growing a diverse mix of Native Trees and Shrubs for land reclamation, mitigation, reforestation, and wildlife habitat purposes. Currently, the nursery produces approximately 4,000,000 hardwood and 6,000,000 pine seedlings each year.

We added a new product line in 2015 consisting of Containerized Trees and Shrubs (primarily in #3 air pruned containers) for horticultural, conservation, mitigation, and wildlife habitat uses. Our spring 2017 crop consists of over 60,000 plants of over 50 different species to meet our customer’s needs. Additionally, we are also offering Premium Seedlings and Premium Liner Seedlings which offer larger stems, root collar diameters, and root systems from select hand graded trees.