Native Forest Nursery offers over 50 species of Native Hardwoods and Shrubs. Hardwood seedlings from our nursery are commonly used for conservation, reclamation, mitigation, reforestation, restoration, wetland, and horticultural plantings. Our seedlings are hand lifted and hand packaged to ensure the highest quality seedlings are delivered to our customers. We have the ability to grade our seedlings for size and form to meet your project specifications and we have the ability to tag or mark your seedlings for increased visibility at outplanting. Our seedlings are kept in refrigerated storage from the day of lifting until the day your order is shipped. We also have the ability to arrange refrigerated delivery and drop services.

Hardwood Seedling Products

Conservation Grade Seedlings – Average 18” stem height with an 8” average root length. Heights may vary by species.
Premium Seedlings – Graded for height to be >24” stem height or whatever specific height specification your project may require.​
Premium Liner Seedlings – Graded for height and form to supply high grade seedlings for container or field liner uses or for any project requiring a custom tree form specification.

Available Hardwood and Shrub Bare Root Species

Name Family Latin
Apple, Common Rosaceae Malus pumila
Ash, Green Oleaceae Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Birch, River Betulaceae Betula nigra
Birch, Sweet Betulaceae Betula lenta
Birch, Yellow Betulaceae Betula alleghaniensis
Buttonbush Rubiaceae Cephalanthus occidentalis
Chestnut, Chinese Fagaceae Castanea mollissima
Dogwood, Flowering Cornaceae Cornus florida
Dogwood, Kousa Cornaceae Cornus kousa
Dogwood, Silky Cornaceae Cornus amomum
Elm, American Ulmaceae Ulmus americana
Gum, Sweet Altingiaceae Liquidambar styraciflua
Hickory, Pignut Juglandaceae Carya glabra
Hickory, Red Juglandaceae Carya ovalis
Hickory, Shagbark Juglandaceae Carya ovata
Hickory, Water Juglandaceae Carya aquatica
Locust, Black Fabaceae Robinia pseudoacacia
Maple, Boxelder Sapindaceae Acer Negundo
Maple, Red "Summer Red" Sapindaceae Acer rubrum 'Summer Red'
Maple, Sugar Sapindaceae Acer saccharum
Mimosa Fabaceae Albizia julibrissin
Mulberry, Red Moraceae Morus rubra
Ninebark, Atlantic Rosaceae Physocarpus opulifolius
Oak, Bear Fagaceae Quercus ilicifolia
Oak, Black Fagaceae Quercus velutina
Oak, Cherrybark Fagaceae Quercus pagoda
Oak, Chestnut Fagaceae Quercus prinus
Oak, Chinkapin Fagaceae Quercus muehlenbergii
Oak, Northern Red Fagaceae Quercus rubra
Oak, Nuttall Fagaceae Quercus nutallii
Oak, Overcup Fagaceae Quercus lyrata
Oak, Pin Fagaceae Quercus palustris
Oak, Post Fagaceae Quercus stellata
Oak, Sawtooth Fagaceae Quercus acutissima
Oak, Sawtooth Gobbler Fagaceae Quercus acutissima 'Gobbler'
Oak, Shumard Fagaceae Quercus shumardii
Oak, Swamp Chestnut Fagaceae Quercus michauxii
Oak, Swamp White Fagaceae Quercus bicolor
Oak, Water Fagaceae Quercus nigra
Oak, White Fagaceae Quercus alba
Oak, Willow Fagaceae Quercus phellos
Pawpaw Annonaceae Asimina triloba
Pecan Juglandaceae Carya illinoinensis
Plum, Chickasaw Rosaceae Prunus angustifolia
Poplar, Yellow Magnoliaceae Liriodendron tulipifera
Sassafras Lauraceae Sassafras albidum
Sugarberry Cannabaceae Celtis laevigata
Sycamore Platanaceae Platanus Occidentalis
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