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Native Forest Nursery offers over 50 species of Containerized Trees and Shrubs for use in the horticulture, conservation, and mitigation industries. We grow species that offer edible ornamental uses, vibrant fall foliage, spring and summer flowers, and landscape shading. We also grow several long time favorites such as Flowering Dogwood and Southern Magnolia. Starting in 2016, we are offering The Rising SunTM Redbud with brilliant lavender flowers in the spring giving way to new golden leaves that vary from yellow to orange to lime green throughout the growing season.

Our Containerized Trees and Shrubs are primarily grown in #3 air pruning containers that we believe offer several distinct advantages to our plants and to the customers who purchase them. Our Containerized Trees and Shrubs are also pruned and staked as needed to promote the good form required by our customers.

Containerized Tree and Shrub Products

All species are available in one of two grades:

Horticulture Grade – Pruned and staked as needed to promote straight form and proper branching.

Conservation Grade – Quality plants suitable for projects that don’t require a particular tree form.

We offer our trees and shrubs in the following container sizes:

  • #1 containers
  • #3 air pruning containers
  • #7 containers
  • #15 containers
  • D60 cells
  • 5” Anderson Bands
  • 9” Anderson Bands

​Heights vary by container size, species and time of year. Final heights and grades are determined for each species during our fall inventory in late October.

Available Container Species

Name Family Latin
Alder, Hazel Betulaceae Alnus serrulata
Apple, Crab Southern Rosaceae Malus angustifolia
Arrowwood Adoxaceae Viburnum dentatum
Beautyberry Lamiaceae Callicarpa Americana
Birch, River Betulaceae Betula nigra
Birch, River Heritage ms Betulaceae Betula nigra x Heritage
Birch, Sweet Betulaceae Betula lenta
Birch, Yellow Betulaceae Betula alleghaniensis
Blueberry, Highbush Ericaceae Vaccinium corymbosum
Buttonbush Rubiaceae Cephalanthus occidentalis
Cherry, Black Rosaceae Prunus serotina
Chestnut, Chinese Fagaceae Castanea mollissima
Chokeberry, Black Rosaceae Aronia melanocarpa
Chokeberry, Red Rosaceae Aronia arbutifolia
Cypress, Bald Cupressaceae Taxadium distichum
Cypress, Pond Cupressaceae Taxadium distichum var. imbricarium
Dogwood, Cherokee Princess Cornaceae Cornus florida 'Cherokee Princess'
Dogwood, Flowering Cornaceae Cornus florida
Dogwood, Gray Cornaceae Cornus racemosa
Dogwood, Kousa Cornaceae Cornus kousa
Dogwood, Red Osier Cornaceae Cornus sericea
Dogwood, Silky Cornaceae Cornus amomum
Elderberry, Common Adoxaceae Sambucus nigra canadensis
Elm, American Ulmaceae Ulmus americana
Elm, Cedar Ulmaceae Ulmus crassifolia
Elm, Princeton Ulmaceae Ulmus americana 'Princeton'
Elm, Winged Ulmaceae Ulmus alata
Gum, Black Cornaceae Nyssa sylvatica
Gum, Black Wildfire Cornaceae Nyssa sylvatica 'Wildfire'
Gum, Sweet Altingiaceae Liquidambar styraciflua
Hackberry Cannabaceae Celtis occidentalis
Hawthorn, Washington Rosaceae Crataegus phaenopyrum
Hazelnut Betulaceae Corylus americana
Hazel, Witch Hamamelidaceae Hamamelis virginiana
Hickory, Pignut Juglandaceae Carya glabra
Hickory, Shagbark Juglandaceae Carya ovata
Hickory, Shellbark Juglandaceae Carya laciniosa
Holly, American Aquifoliaceae Ilex opaca
Hophornbeam Betulaceae Ostrya virginiana
Magnolia, Southern Magnoliaceae Magnolia grandiflora
Maple, Autumn Blaze Sapindaceae Acer freemanii 'Jeffersred'
Maple, Boxelder Sapindaceae Acer Negundo
Maple, October Glory Sapindaceae Acer rubrum x October Glory
Maple, Red Sapindaceae Acer rubrum
Maple, Red Sunset Sapindaceae Acer rubrum 'Franksred'
Maple, Silver Sapindaceae Acer saccharinum
Maple, Sugar Sapindaceae Acer saccharum
Nannyberry Adoxaceae Viburnum lentago
Ninebark, Atlantic Rosaceae Physocarpus opulifolius
Oak, Black Fagaceae Quercus velutina
Oak, Bur Fagaceae Quercus macrocarpa
Oak, Cherrybark Fagaceae Quercus pagoda
Oak, Chestnut Fagaceae Quercus prinus
Oak, Chinkapin Fagaceae Quercus muehlenbergii
Oak, Northern Red Fagaceae Quercus rubra
Oak, Nuttall Fagaceae Quercus nutallii
Oak, Overcup Fagaceae Quercus lyrata
Oak, Pin Fagaceae Quercus palustris
Oak, Post Fagaceae Quercus stellata
Oak, Sawtooth Fagaceae Quercus acutissima
Oak, Sawtooth Gobbler Fagaceae Quercus acutissima 'Gobbler'
Oak, Scarlet Fagaceae Quercus coccinea
Oak, Shumard Fagaceae Quercus shumardii
Oak, Southern Red Fagaceae Quercus Falcata
Oak, Swamp Chestnut Fagaceae Quercus michauxii
Oak, Swamp White Fagaceae Quercus bicolor
Oak, Water Fagaceae Quercus nigra
Oak, White Fagaceae Quercus alba
Oak, Willow Fagaceae Quercus phellos
Pawpaw Annonaceae Asimina triloba
Pecan Juglandaceae Carya illinoinensis
Persimmon Ebenaceae Diospyros virginiana
Pine, Loblolly 2nd Gen Piedmont Pinaceae Pinus taeda
Pine, Virginia Pinaceae Pinus virginiana
Pine, White Pinaceae Pinus strobus
Planetree, London - Exclamation Platanaceae Platanus 'Acerifolia'
Plum, American Rosaceae Prunus americana
Plum, Chickasaw Rosaceae Prunus angustifolia
Poplar, Yellow Magnoliaceae Liriodendron tulipifera
Redbud, Eastern Fabaceae Cercis canadensis
Silverbell Styracaceae Halesia carolina
Sourwood Ericaceae Oxydendrum arboreum
Sugarberry Cannabaceae Celtis laevigata
Sycamore Platanaceae Platanus Occidentalis
Willow, Black Salicaceae Salix nigra
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