The Bare Truth: The Superior Qualities of Bare-Root Plants

The concept of a bareroot seedling is simple enough: it’s a plant that has been removed from soil; its roots are exposed, and it’s ready to be planted as soon as possible. The proper production, maintenance, and handling of a bare-root seedling is not rocket science either. But ensuring excellent conditions can be tricky. Given the optimal environment, these plants are extremely healthy and will readily thrive once planted. At Native Forest Nursery, this excellence is our promise.

Three Cornerstones for the Perfect Bare-Root Plant

The Optimal Environment.

  • At Native Forest Nursery, our sandy loam provides the perfect soil environment; the high sand content aids in root penetration, lessens the risk of damage when the seedlings are lifted, and reduces root disease problems due to the loam’s lower propensity to retain soil.
  • The location of our nursery is also key. We’re in a cold pocket, situated next to a river at the foot of a mountain; since this promotes cold air drainage, our bare-root seedlings go into a deeper and longer dormancy than others. This drastically promotes seedling survivability and extends the season for which bareroot liners can be planted from our nursery.

Proper Handling.

  • Our seedlings are hand lifted, not machine lifted. This practice ensures that your fine roots are protected, resulting in greater survival rates.
  • Take a look at our process.
  • After they’re lifted, our seedlings are immediately sprayed with hydrogel (which absorbs moisture, so as to keep the roots moist though the time of transportation), bagged, strapped, and placed in cold storage to ensure full health.
  • Observe how we get the seedlings to our cooler.
  • Our roots are undercut and laterally pruned, which promotes the bare-root liner's lateral growth and makes it much easier for you to plant the seedlings.
  • Our nursery crop is irrigated to ensure even growth throughout the season.

Personalized Products and Delivery.

  • To meet your specifications and given advance notice, we’re more than happy to grow the bare-root seedlings to a height and your roots to a depth that you prescribe.
  • We can deliver bare root liners in reefers directly to your job site.
  • At your request, we paint the bare root seedling’s trunks (hardwood only) to help them stand out when weed control activities are implemented.

In many ways, bare-root plants are a gardener’s best bargain and best friend. They’re a botanical dream come true, because they make life easy on you. You get a spectacular product with minimal effort, provided with the quality and care that Native Forest Nursery is known for.